Monday, October 7, 2013

Yummus Olive Hummus

A few weeks ago, Tiny Tummy took a trip to Ithaca to visit a special someone. While there, we brunched at an adorable cafe where I got a delicious sandwich-turned salad (yes, I asked them to make a sandwich into a salad) with grilled vegetables and an olive hummus as dressing. The hummus was far and away the best part of the meal, so naturally, I had to try to replicate it because driving 5 hours for hummus is a little less than ideal. I'll admit, this recipe yields a LOT (I made it to serve 2 separate dinner parties and there was still a container leftover), so if you don't want hummus for days, I highly suggest cutting the recipe in half or by 4.

To make this olive hummus, you will need:

64 oz of chickpeas, (drained and rinsed if using canned)
1 can of olives (just the olives, not the juice)
3 T tahini
2 T good quality olive oil (I used lemon-infused olive oil which is GREAT if you can find it)
6 cloves garlic, roasted (if you only have raw garlic, simply pop the cloves into the toaster or oven for 10-20 minutes before blending. Using raw garlic will be WAY too strong)
4 T lemon juice
a pinch of sea salt

To prepare, simply toss everything into a food processor and blend. My hummus came out very creamy, but if yours is too thick to your liking, you can either add a little olive oil to thin it or even some water for a healthier option. Daddy Tiny Tummy generally likes what I make, but it's rare to get a LOVE IT from him, and not only did I get a 'LOVE IT,' but I also got an 'OH YEAH!' so I take it this is a real winner. Not to mention, that giant bowl of hummus was almost gone at the end of the 'cocktail hour' of our dinner party (and there were only 6 of us!)

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