Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Salidify That Sandwich

It's been a while since I gave a restaurant-survival tip, so I thought it was about time I gave a simple one. In the past, I've suggested that a salad of sorts (with a plain, vinaigrette dressing) is generally a safe bet, but some restaurants don't have the most exciting salads. Recently, while traveling, I found myself in a cafe with an incredible sandwich menu and a meager salad selection, so I figured, what's to stop me asking for a sandwich-turned salad. Yes, I'm suggesting you order a sandwich as a salad. Restaurants will often have no problem placing the insides of a sammy over a bed of lettuce for you (they may charge you a few bucks extra). I did it for the first time in Ithaca with a grilled veggie and hummus salad which was fantastic as a salad and then a second time at a dosa and sandwich restaurant in Soho. The photo is from the dosa restaurant (which I'll admit, I had a bite of the dosa which was yummy too), but my mozzarella/avocado/cucumber sammy-turned salad was delish!You could easily do this with any sandwich-including a burger (veggie burger, tuna burger, hamburger, etc). Pin It

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