Monday, December 31, 2012

So Kelp me Noodles

After throwing a pork tenderloin into the slow cooker to make my famous pulled pork the other night, I realized I didn't have any Miracle Noodles in my fridge to eat it with, and I know it's crazy, but pulled pork just isn't the same for me without those noodles now. The shop that I usually get my noodles in was closed, so I hustled over to the closest health food store and came across these.

While I will be the first to admit, the texture of these Kelp Noodles is a little strange, if you don't have Miracle Noodles on hand, they will do the trick. And the gigantic bag has less than 20 calories-- I actually got 3 servings out of the bag, so can't beat that! They are actually a bit crunchy, as opposed to the chewier consistency of the Miracle Noodles. While these Kelp Noodles are great if you're in a pinch, they are definitely not as good as my usual Miracle Noodles. I wouldn't go out of my way to recommend them, but they are definitely a better choice than traditional pasta or any carb-loaded noodle.

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tiny Tummy's Top 5 of 2012

People often ask me what my most "famous" recipes are. It's a hard question to answer because I'm honestly not sure which recipes have been tried more than others or which ones people love most. In honor of the New Year, I thought I'd share Tiny Tummy's Top 5 posts of 2012 as decided by Blogger analytics :P

1. Pancake Paradise: I'm not surprised these are #1 for the year. When it comes to low cal, low carb pancakes, you really can't beat them.

2. Mashed Fauxtatoes: Again, I'm really not surprised. Mashed potatoes are one of America's favorite comfort foods, and if you can find a delicious, completely lightened up version, why not, right? As an added tip, try melting a layer of cheese on top and baking it as a casserole. Now there's a real winner!

3. Tzatziki: This one actually surprised me most of any of them. I'm glad readers are interested on such a unique sauce, and I those who have made it have loved it because it is truly delicious.

4. Mac and Cheese: Hello healthy mac and cheese! For all the mommy's whose kids beg them for it, or for all of the college students with little time to cook, this recipe is a real winner and great replacement for the chemically processed Easy Mac.

5. Pizza: What a fitting end to the list- no list goes unfinished without a delicious pizza. And this one is guilt-free! I must make this pizza for lunch or dinner at least once a week. You really can't beat it!

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy New Year!
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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Presto, Pesto!

Growing up, I used to love pesto: on anything from crackers to pasta to eggs. The nice thing about pesto is it's made mostly from basil which packs a lot of flavor for minimal calories, but the problem is  after the basil, there are tons and tons of other ingredients added to make it and each one is made completely differently, so not all pestos are created equal. A lot of them are made with loads of oil and nuts- which are healthy fats, yes, but these guys can really add up. Luckily, I've found a way to make a lower-cal pesto that still packs all of the flavor of the basil combined with garlic-y, nutty goodness.

To make Tiny Tummy's Pesto, you will need:

1 overflowing cup of basil
2 cloves of garlic
1/4 cup of fat free ricotta cheese
2 tablespoons of pine nuts
a generous pinch of salt and pepper

To prepare, simply throw everything into a Vitamix or food processor and blend until smooth. This makes a very thick pesto. If you prefer a thinner pesto, gradually add water to thin it. I usually add about a tablespoon or two.

And for anyone who wants the nutrition information, here it is for the entire batch! Though as a disclaimer, the calorie number seems a bit high, and I put it into a recipe calculator, so it is possible this is an over exaggeration, but still, an entire container of pesto for less than 170 calories? Not half bad!

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Woah Mami, Healthy Salami

For reasons unbeknownst to myself, I've been on a serious deli meat kick lately. I generally try to stay away from this stuff cause it's not the healthiest, but everyone in the health world says that when it comes to deli meat, Applegate Farms is the brand to buy, so I decided to give it a try with one of the more bold and daring deli meats- salami! I happen to love salami, though I don't eat it very often, but this turkey salami is something I could see myself eating quite frequently. It actually reminds me a lot of the turkey pastrami I used to eat as a kid growing up. The nutritionals on these bad boys aren't half bad either: only 60 calories per 2oz which is on par with most other turkey, ham, chicken, etc. deli meat slices. It's also nice to know there are no preservatives or nitrates, whereas with other deli meats, you don't really know what you're getting. All in all, with a little mustard, this deli meat is a definite win! Pin It

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Live a Lavash Life

Mommy Tiny Tummy is known for overstocking on a few key kitchen items- tortillas are one of her favorites. Our drawer of tortilla chips are always overflowing with an abundance of different low carb, whole grain, etc. tortillas, flatbreads, and anything you can imagine. The other night, she made guacamole and cut up some crudite to serve it with, but Daddy Tiny Tummy wanted some good ole fashioned chips to eat it with, but we actually didn't have any. Luckily, our overflowing drawer of tortillas had a big ole pack of Joseph's Lavash bread, so I was able to whip up a batch of quick chips that might as well be tortilla chips-- and they are baked!

To make these lavash chips, you will need:
1 sheet Joseph's Lavash Bread (It looks like a very thin flatbread)
nonstick cooking spray

To prepare, simply cut the lavash into chip-like shapes, spray your sheet, spread your chips on the tray, and bake in a preheated oven at 350 for about 15 minutes, flipping halfway through. If you want, feel free to spice them on up, but Daddy Tiny Tummy requested his Plain Jane! Pin It

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Roar of Spice

As I've said previously, I've been on a recent tea kick, and I've been trying all sorts of different tea bags. Since I am so used to my fruity teas, I've been trying to find different flavored ones, and since chamomile and plain green tea aren't necessarily my faves, I've been trying different spiced teas, and in my quest, I've found another winner.

Celestial's Bengal Spice Tea is the perfect spicy blend of flavor. I find that the cinnamon comes through the most, though you can definitely taste the blend of spices. I'm sure it would make a great afternoon pick-me-up, though it is caffeine free, so I find it is optimal as a before-bed drink. I highly suggest it for a night that you're looking to spice things up a bit. Pin It

Seriously Stuffed Cabbage

Christmas dinner is always far from traditional in my house. Two years ago, we went for All You Can Eat Sushi; last year, we went to a lobster/seafood/sushi buffet, but this year, since I was put in charge of cooking, I decided we would do something a little more true to our roots- Stuffed Cabbage! It's been a while since I've had stuffed cabbage, and I always remembered loving the sweet and sour sauce it was in, so naturally, my stuffed cabbage had to have that same tangy sauce that I grew up with. Of course,

To make these Seriously Stuffed Cabbage leaves, you will need
1 large green cabbage boiled and separated into leaves
1 large head of cauliflower riced or pureed in a food processor
2 medium onions chopped
1 12 oz pack of mushrooms chopped
1 12 oz pack ground chicken breast (I use the 98% fat free)
spices of your choice to season the meat/veggie mixture (I used onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, black pepper, and a little cayenne)
2 small cans of tomato sauce (or 1 can of tomato sauce and 1 can of chopped/crushed tomatoes as I did)
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar (I didn't have any, so I used coconut vinegar, and it came out just fine!)
1 T stevia
Enough water to fully cover all of the cabbage leaves in the sauce as they cook
optional: any additional veggies you may see fit. I used some celery, carrots, scallions, and chives because that's what we had in the fridge, but feel free to throw in peppers, corn, zucchini, tomato, spinach, etc

To prepare, combine the cauliflower, onions, mushrooms, ground chicken, spices, and any additional veggies in a large bowl until everything is well incorporated. Then, take each cabbage leaf and place a small dollop of filling inside the leaf- closer to the stem of the leaf, and fold each side in, and then roll up and roll until there is no more leaf to roll into, in order to form little pockets. The art of folding is a technique in itself, but once you get the hang of it, it's smooth sailing. (If my description doesn't make sense, or if you're having a hard time, feel free to comment below or email me and I'll be happy to try to assist further!). After rolling each little pocket, place them in layers in a large pot, one on top of another until you run out of leaves/filling. Finally, combine the tomato sauce, vinegar, and stevia together and pour over your leaves. Then, put as much water is needed to bring the sauce up higher in the pot- almost to the point where the leaves are fully submerged. Cook on a low heat for about 2 hours or until you feel the chicken is fully cooked and has had enough time to lock in all of those flavors. This recipe yield a huge pot of stuffed cabbage, so if you're cooking for one or a few, feel free to freeze some and save it for a later date.I've had success freezing and thawing these puppies in the past before with no problem!

Also, note: for vegetarians, simply omit the ground chicken! Pin It

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Simple Tip: Step away from Temptation

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the day with their loved ones, even if you don't celebrate the holiday. Tiny Tummy is home with the 'rents for our annual trip to the movies (yes, we literally go to the movies once a year-- we're much more of the rent-a-movie-and-watch-in-bed type)

One of my favorite parts about going home to my parent's house is peeking into their fridge and cabinets and seeing what goodies they have, but one of the hardest parts about sticking to a healthy lifestyle is not giving into all of the temptation. A simple tip that I try to follow is step away from temptation. What I mean is, don't stand in front of the fridge or pantry sticking your hand in bag after container after box, etc. Instead, if you want to indulge, portion yourself out what you want to eat, and take it away from the fridge and pantry. Along the same lines, never take the whole bag/box/container with you (unless of course its a single serving). If you only take what you plan on eating, it makes it impossible to overdo it. And, once you have what you need, STEP AWAY! Don't linger around the fridge or pantry. Take your food with you somewhere you can sit and relax and really enjoy it!

If you follow these tips, it should hopefully prevent this:

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

They Make Lower-Cal Vodka? You bet!

With New Years coming up, I have been getting tons of questions about what low-cal drinks they can indulge in that won't have them popping out of their LBD by the end of the night. While I, personally, don't drink, I do happen to know of a reduced-calorie vodka that I did drink when I like getting drunk, so I figured I would share for any of my readers who do drink.

Voli Light Vodka has only 74 calories per 1.5 fluid ounces, which is about 25% fewer calories than other vodkas, so if you're in charge of making the punch, opt for Voli. They've also started making the light vodka in an array of flavors ranging from espresso vanilla fusion to fruitier ones, such as mango coconut fusion which would probably go great in punches or jello shots (typical NYE drinks, right?!)

Regardless, I still wouldn't endorse over-doing the alcohol, but hey, it's New Years, and if bringing in the New Year is all about the alcohol for you, at least opt for a lighter option like Voli!

P.S. If you are of age, check out Voli's website here for the other fun flavors! Pin It

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Veggie-Loaded Chicken Meatballs

A friend recently asked me about a package of chicken meatballs that she came across in her local grocery store, which reminded me that I hadn't made my famous veggie-loaded meatloaf in ages. I have to give the credit to Mommy Tiny Tummy who had the great idea to make mini meatloaf muffins (which could also be made even smaller into meatballs) for single serve options. This way, you can freeze them individually for a go-to snack or meal. This recipe made 14 mini-loaves, and I imagine would make about 20 meatballs.

To make these nutritious and delicious Veggie-Loaded Meatballs, you will need:
1 pack 98% fat free ground chicken
1 medium sized head of cauliflower broken into florets
1 medium sized onion, chopped
1 small pack of mushrooms, chopped
1 large red pepper, chopped
4 small carrots, diced
6 large stalks of celery, diced
1 small tomato, chopped
4 cloves of garlic minced
1 pack 98% fat free ground chicken
1 tablespoon onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, cayenne, or any other spices you may desire
spinach leaves to line the muffin tins
optional: some dehydrated garlic/onion/red pepper flakes to sprinkle on top

To prepare, start by chopping all of your veggies (this takes the most time- I used my food processor to speed it up a bit), and preheating your oven to 350 degrees. Then, put the cauliflower florets through the food processor until they are finely ground, and almost resemble the raw chicken meat. (This is the secret to the meatballs!) Then, sauté onions, mushrooms, garlic, and red pepper until softened, and add to the cauliflower. Add the rest of your veggies, spices, and ground chicken, and mix everything together until well combined. Finally, line your muffin tins with spinach leaves to prevent the meatloaves from sticking, and scoop mixture into spinach cups so that they overflow slightly out of the  tins, as shown. (If you are sprinkling those extra spices on top, now would be the time to do so!) If you are making meatballs instead of mini-loaves, simply form them into small balls instead of putting them in a muffin tin, and put them on a baking sheet sprayed with non-stick spray. (You could try the spinach-leaf trick, but I can't vouch for its success, as I've never tried it). Bake the mini loaves for about 20 minutes, until fully cooked. I served mine over spaghetti squash with some homemade apple sauce on top

Feelin' Frisky? Try spreading a little tomato sauce on top of each loaf for an added "frosting"-- they are made in cupcake tins, right? Or, for a sweeter option, try spreading some sugar-apricot preserves on them!

Also, some of you have been asking for the nutrition information for the recipes, so here is the information, assuming you've made 14 mini-loaves.

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Kind of Healthy Bars

I recently received a question about what I thought of Kind Bars. For those of you who don't know, these bars are basically (or at least so they say) nuts+fruit. Each bar is basically comprised of a different one nut and one fruit combo (with the exception of a few of their more exotic flavors). I know, you're thinking fruit+nuts=healthy, right? Not necessarily...

For the flavors that actually stick to the solely fruit and nut concept, Tiny Tummy salutes you; however, and this is a big however, be careful! Some of their bars actually have added sugars, so be cautious which flavors you choose! Additionally, these bars generally clock in at about 200 calories and only have a couple grams of protein, which may be a little steep for some.

Personally, I think I would prefer a bag of homemade trail mix, just to avoid those added sugars, but compared to some of the other bars on the market that are CHOCKED full of added sugars, the Kind bars put them to shame. If it's a nutty fix you crave, Kind could be a new best friend- especially since they are basically pre-portioned for you (I don't know about you, but I'm NUTS for nuts- I have a pretty hard time stopping at 1oz).

Bottom Line, the Kind Bars are kind of healthy. Sure, a handful of nuts and fresh fruit are a healthier pick, but as far as an on-the-go nut bar, they knock their competition out of the water! Pin It

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fave Things Friday:

As my final post for Fave Things Friday, I figured I would address the fact that the world is supposed to end today, so I figured in case the world actually does end, it would probably be pretty importnat to share my all time favorite foods and my guilt-free versions I've found or made!

1. Bagels: Maybe it's because I'm from New York, but it's hard to beat a good bagel for breakfast. We all know bagels are carb central and are WAY too big for what we should be. Fortunately, many companies make shelf-stable "bagel thins," but my favorite bagel swap is actually Carb Krunchers' Onion Rolls. With some of any of Tiny Tummy's cream cheeses, you've got a guilt-free bagel swap!

2. Indian Food: Growing up, Indian food buffet was basically a biweekly tradition in my family, so I got very used to eating this regional cuisine and all of its bold flavors. Indian food is generally pretty healthy if you choose the right dishes without cream or butter/ghee in excess, but just in case, I have a delicious healthy version of one my favorite veggie curries that carries all the flavors of India is one!

3. Pizza: Again, maybe it's my inner New Yorker, but who doesn't love a great slice of pizza? The problem is, traditional pizza is far from healthy. For a freezer pizza find, check these out, but if you want to make your own delectable pizza, try this recipe!

4. Chocolate: This one doesn't need an explanation. To kick a chocolate craving, try any of these.

5. Sushi: Last, but certainly not least, sushi. Again, growing up, sushi was a huge part of my dining out experience. I've found many ways to eat sushi without packing in the calories, but my all time favorite sushi roll is this bad boy. Pin It

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Start Smart: New Simple Tip

While I like to plan my meals according to when I'm hungry, if you're eating with others, that isn't always possible. Sometimes, I am starving, but my dinner plans are still an hour away. Now, allowing yourself to go in starving is always a recipe for disaster, so instead, I listen to my body, and start my meal a little early with a smart start.

No, I'm not talking about that cereal by Kellog's. What I mean is, have a small snack in advance to keep yourself satiated so dinner doesn't turn you into a ravenous animal who attacks their dinner like they haven't eaten in weeks. (Trust me, I've made that mistake before!) Today, I went with a simple salad (just some greens), but soup is another great option. Or, if you're on the go, a small handful of nuts or a few slices of turkey will just as easily do the trick!  You can also bring this tip with you to the restaurant- If you get to the restaurant and suddenly hunger HITS, start with an appetizer of soup or salad (healthy ones, of course!) Pin It

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Squashkas (Healthy Latke Swap)

Hannukah is usually all about the latkes, but those flour-y fried carb suckers are far from healthy. I know, it is tradition to have latkes in celebration of the holiday, so the challenge to make a healthy latke was one I was willing to take on!

Traditionally, latkes are not a simple thing to make. You have to shred the potatoes, onions, etc. fry them without crowding the pan, etc, so I will be forthright in saying, that while these latkes are healthier, and you don't have to spend all that time frying them individually (as these are baked), they are still a timely task. That being said, they are super yummy and use one of my favorite potato swaps- Butternut Squash!

To make Tiny Tummy's Squashka Latkes, you will need:
1 Large Butternut Squash Peeled
2 onions
1 T garlic powder
1 T onion powder
1 egg or the equivalent of 2 egg whites
optional: a few tablespoons of coconut flour to help them hold together

First, preheat your oven to 400. You will need a food processor with a shredding attachment. Alternatively, you can use a peeler and shred the squash that way, but that will take a long time. (You've been warned!) If you're using a food processor, add the squash and onion in chunks until you have a gigantic bowl of what looks like coleslaw mix comprised of your squash and onion mix. Then, add spices and onions and mix everything in a bowl. At this point, line a few pans with parchment paper, form the squashkas into patties, and bake for as long as it takes for the squashkas to soften. I baked mine for about 25 minutes on each side, and flipped halfway through (50 minutes total)

Note: If you find that your patties don't stick well, add the coconut flour before baking! Pin It

Monday, December 17, 2012

D'Lightfully D'Licious

It should come as no surprise that when I went to pick up my Flax Milk and my local health food store, I got lost in the aisles bumming around the new products, and I'm glad that I did because I came across  a new chocolate bar that I love.

First of all, Active D'Lites is only 100 calories per bar and there is 0 sugar in each! And, the chocolate is full of pro-biotics to get your Tiny Tummy digesting! I got the chocolate peanut butter one which was delicious, but the other flavors all sound great also. AND, the best part? I went on their website and determined that they make ice cream bars too! Their caramel ice cream bars are only 90 calories- sounds and looks like a calorie bargain! Needless to say, if I can find them, I will be trying those puppies ASAP! Pin It

Must Have Monday: A Nutritious Lunch

For this week's must have monday, instead of posting things I think you simply must have, I'm going to give you a recipe you simply must try! Not only is it super nutritious, full of fiber protein, and flavor, but it comes together in less than 10 minutes, and I'll even give you an option that allows you to make it without doing any cooking!

To make this delicious and nutritious lentil, spinach, and egg salad, you will need:
100g (1/2 cup) lentils prepared (I was feelin' frisky and bought the precooked ones from Trader Joe's which are AWESOME!)
a pinch of each of the following: turmeric, cayenne, cumin, garlic powder, onion powder
1 large egg prepared over easy (with spices of your choice!)
3 cups spinach/mixed greens of your choice

To prepare, simply combine the lentils with your spices and mix well. Then, toss the lentils over the salad, make your egg, pop the yolk and let it run over your salad, and eat up!

**To be honest, I wanted to have a hard boiled egg, but I didn't let it cook long enough, and the yolk actually slipped out while I was peeling it and fell right down the drain. I was then far too hungry to go through the process again, so I just made one over easy, and actually, the yolk sort of acted like a dressing for the egg and was super yummy. For a no-cook option, though, or, if you want to bring this salad with you to work, a hard boiled egg would work in place of the one pictured. And I promise there is enough flavor in the lentils that you won't miss the yolk "dressing." You could, however, squirt some fresh lemon or lime over the salad! Pin It

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Quest for New Quest... Resolved!

When Tiny Tummy found out that Quest was making a new flavor for their all-natural line, it's no surprise that I had to get my hands on the newest flavor, Banana Nut Muffin, and seriously, I think I've tasted heaven. When I was younger, my mom's banana bread was my favorite thing that she made me, but given that it is packed with empty carbs and sugar, we don't have it anymore. This bar brings me back to that banana bread. It is actually almost like liking the spoon of the batter. I love the chunks of walnuts in it, and the texture of the bar is actually smoother and chewier than the other bars, which I really love. If I could add one critique it would be that I wish it had chocolate in it, since my mom's banana bread did, but hey, nobody makes anything as good as your mama made, but these Quest Bars are pretty close! Pin It

Friday, December 14, 2012

You Wanna Pizza This?

Every Thursday and Friday, I walk to my internship and pass about every indulgent restaurant you can think of. The one smell I can't seem to avoid is the smell of fresh pizza, and let me tell you, I must pass about 10 pizza joints with incredible aromas. It's no surprise that I come home these nights craving pizza. Since Sandy, I hadn't bought and mozzarella cheese, so as much as I wanted to make my own pizza, I couldn't. Though, yesterday, I had simply had enough of these delicious aromas, and made it a point to stop and grab a block of mozzarella so I could make my own pizza, and it was beyond satisfying. Oh, and not to mention, there are less than 150 calories in the whole thing. Craving kicked!

To make this perfect pizza, you will need:

1 small La Tortilla Factory tortilla
1/2 cup tomato sauce of choice (I used my own, homemade sauce)
1 oz fat free shredded mozzarella cheese
turkey pepperoni to taste
optional: additional toppings and spices: sliced tomato, onions, mushrooms, garlic powder, red pepper flakes, etc.

To prepare, toast your tortilla in the oven on 350 for about 10 minutes, or until it just starts to get crispy. Then, flip the tortilla and add all of your toppings in the order you please (I went traditional sauce, cheese, pepperoni, spices. but if you're feelin' frisky go ahead and experiment and change things up! Finally, return to the oven for about another 7 minutes, or until your cheese melts. Additionally, you can put it in the broiler for a few seconds to get it SUPER crispy, though these tortillas get crunchy quickly so be careful not to burn it! Pin It

Fave Things Friday: Five Minute Recipes

Around the holiday times, things can get busy. And when I say busy, I mean busier than usual. Often, this leaves us with less time to cook, which usually only adds to holiday weight gain. Instead of just embracing this reality, I figured I would share my Top 5 Fav Five Minute Recipes. All of these recipes can be prepped in five minutes or less!

1. Mac and Cheese... the Healthy Way: Okay, definition quick dinner= Mac and Cheese, but usually healthy and mac and cheese are not found together. This recipe is a healthy take on Easy Mac that can be prepared just as quickly as the chemical-filled child favorite.

2. Slimming Sliders: There's nothing quite like a good burger, though people often associate a good burger with lots of fat and calories. Not only do burgers not have to be unhealthy, but seasoning the perfect patty can be done in under five minutes!

3. Baked Buffalo Chicken Bites: Buffalo wings are another typically fattening holiday food, but they can be made healthy in no time. Tiny Tummy shows you how!

4. Fast Fish:  Who says you have to go to a restaurant and get a piece of fish doused in some fattening sauce to have a quick and easy fish dinner? This fish recipe is about as fast as it gets, and it's super healthy and delicious!

5. Spicy Cheesy Veggie Bowl: Veggies, cheese, hot sauce.. what more can you ask for? And it all comes together in this super simple yummy bowl of goodness!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Dukan-Do!

While I do not follow the Dukan diet, my friend recently gave me a Dukan, natural sugar replacement to try and review, and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

Made from organic stevia extract, it makes a great addition to coffee, tea, I use to to make my cinnamon cream cheese, add it to tomato sauce... the possibilities are endless. It's especially great because since it's so sweet, you don't need to use much to get the full effect, so that shaker will last you AGES! As far as 0-cal sweeteners go, this one is a winner! Pin It

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tiny Tummy's Tantalizing Tzatziki

Nothing with my family is ever traditional, so it's no surprise that for the Hannukah luncheon, the family meal of choice was a Greek salad. Since my grandfather is in rehab recovering from a medical procedure, our celebration will take place in the rehab center (You know, if Mohammed can't go to the mountain, bring the mountain to Mohammed... or however that saying goes), so as much as I would have liked to cook a gourmet meal for everyone, it wasn't really practical. The Greek salad was the easiest thing, and fortunately, the whole family loves it. While the salad, itself, is perfect for everyone in the fam-- all diets alike, we have to be careful with the dressing and accouterments because my grandfather is on a highly restrictive, low-sodium diet due to his heart. Therefore, anything cooked, dressed, etc. is a giant question mark in the sodium department (and in any diet department in general), so when it comes to these, we like to avoid the guessing game and make our own- which brings me to this recipe. Everyone knows that half the fun of the Greek salad is the Pita and Tzatziki sauce that comes with it, and while I'd love to whip out my bread machine and attempt a pita replacement, Toufayan has us covered there, which just leaves the Tzatziki sauce. Easy, peasy!

To make Tiny Tummy's Tantalizing Tzatziki, you will need:

3 small containers of fat free Greek Yogurt (I used Oikos because it had the least sodium of the fat free varieties)
2 cucumbers peeled and seeds removed
3 cloves of garlic
a handful of fresh dill
the juice of 1/2 a large lemon or the juice of 1 small lemon
optional: a pinch of black pepper and salt (if you don't have a sodium concern, obviously!)

To prepare, simply put everything into the processor and blend away. Alternatively, you could blend everything except the yogurt together and fold the yogurt into the mixture at the end, which will ensure a creamier sauce, but I like everything combined as evenly as possible

Disclaimer: I am aware that the full fat yogurt has 5mg of sodium less per cup, but this sauce was meant to function for everyone. It's a great compromise for everyone watching their weight as well as my grandfather who needs to watch out for his sodium intake. Pin It

Monday, December 10, 2012

Chop, Chop: New restaurant survival tip!

So today's post was supposed to be Tzatziki Tuesday, but that recipe will have to wait because a friend surprised me with a much needed sashimi dinner last night that inspired this post. The last time I got a sashimi platter, I had planned to make tar tar salad with the sashimi, but did such a poor job butchering it, that I ended up eating the sashimi in tiny pieces, and I realized that I ate my dinner much slower than when I devoured it whole  piece by piece. So, Tiny Tummy's newest tip to slow down your eating: small bites.

I've always heard eating in small pieces is the way to go, but until you try it, it doesn't really set in. You're forced to eat slower, you put your fork (or chopsticks) down between bites, and you learn to really listen to when you're full. You can easily take this tip with you to your diner table or to any restaurant. So, my mistake turned into a positive! We both cut our sashimi up and enjoyed it slowly, which makes every bite all the more enjoyable!

Note: The photo pictured is our entire jazzed up dinner- complete with Tiny Tummy's Spicy mayo, chopped scallions, and a big bowl of ginger! And of course, a Bai to satisfy our sweet tooth! Pin It

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Monday Must-Haves Part 2

As promised, here is another list of Tiny Tummy's must-haves in honor of Must Have Monday. Gluten free is all the rage these days, but for some people, it's a lifestyle. While I, personally, do not have a gluten intolerance, I find that removing as much gluten from my diet definitely leads to a happier Tiny Tummy, so I'm all in favor of any gluten free finds; therefore, this week's Monday Must-Haves are are your gluten-free friends.

1. Coconut Flour: In my opinion, an essential for gluten free or low carb baking. Almond flour, chickpea flour, etc. are all viable options as well, but I like the way coconut flour absorbs liquid and the consistency you get in the end product. It's also higher in fiber than most other flours, so that's a major plus.

2. Bell Plantation P2 Powdered Peanut Butter: Peanut Butter generally has about 100 calories per tablespoon which adds up quickly if you're a peanut butter lover like this Tiny Tummy, which is why this powdered peanut butter is so awesome. A 2 tablespoon serving of this gem is only 45 calories, and since you have to make it as you go, you're less likely to overdo it. And, it's gluten free and great for baking! (Or for Tiny Tummy's Reese's Hot Chocolate!)

3. Glenny's Soy Crisps: We all know Tiny Tummy LOVES soy crisps... maybe a little too much; however, Glenny's delicious crunchies are gluten free and a great snack for all the celiacs out there craving crunch.

4. Kay's Assorted Chips, Krunchees, Snack Mixes, and Cereal: Along the same lines as Glenny's these are an AWESOME way to get your crunch on sans gluten. And the best part about these is that they have an excellent amount of protein, so you will actually be full after you eat them. I've been loving the BBQ Snack mix and the protein Krunchees, but you really can't go wrong with any of them!

5. Miracle Noodles: I can't say it enough, these things really are a miracle. They are basically 0 calories, and make an awesome pasta replacement. Personally, I like them best in asian dishes or in soups (put these in your pot of chicken noodle soup and I promise nobody will know they are 0-cal!) These babies are also gluten free, so pasta night is a go! Pin It

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Twin Tenders

A friend recently asked me how it's possible that I have time to prepare my own dinner every single night. I told her it's because the majority of my dinners don't take more than 10 minutes to prepare and she laughed at me, but the truth is, as a full-time college student working two jobs, I can't make an elaborate, gourmet meal every night (as much as I would LOVE to). So, to prove just that, here is my ten-second twin tender recipe for the world's fastest chicken tenders.

To make Tiny Tummy's ten-second twin tenders, you will need,

2 large chicken tenders
a sprinkle of garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, cayenne, dehydrated garlic/onion flakes.... basically, or whatever spices you have on hand and are craving
optional: some yummy sauce drizzled on top: I used Walden Farm's BBQ sauce to keep things simple, but since the chicken is so easy to make, feel free to experiment and make something funky!

To prepare, simply preheat your oven to 350, lay the chicken tenders on tin foil, sprinkle with spices, and cook for about 10 minutes, or until the chicken has cooked through (time will depend on your oven, as usual) If it takes you longer than 10 seconds to sprinkle your spices on your chicken, then you're more than welcome to change the name of the recipe ;)... and for a complete meal, you can pair this with rice, veggies, or anything else you may like. I had a big bowl of veggies and squash casserole with mine! Pin It

Friday, December 7, 2012

Well Dressed (New Dressing Find!)

I never thought I'd be able to use bacon and calorie free in the same sentence (followed by delicious!), but thanks to Walden Farms, I can! I had read online that everyone's favorite dressing seemed to be the creamy bacon dressing, which, I have to admit, sounds kinda gross on first thought. Maybe because I'm not usually a bacon person, but it wasn't entirely appealing to me. However, since so many people LOVE it, I figured I'd have to try it, and boy am I glad I did. It's delicious!!!

Walden Farms Creamy Bacon Dressing is calorie-free, sugar-free, yet still DELICIOUS! It doesn't have that funky aftertaste that some of the Walden products have. I use it on salads as dressing, dip veggies in it, and I imagine it would work for a marinade too, though I haven't tried it yet. Pin It

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fav Things Friday Part 2

With the approaching holidays, snack attacks are inevitable, especially with all of the holiday sweets around us. Fortunately, there are lots of guilt-free ways to indulge that won't wreck your waistline. These are my top 5 fave sweet treats to cure any rampant snack attack.

#1 Quest Bar: If your sweet craving goes beyond just the need to satisfy a sweet tooth, and you're actually hungry, grab a Quest Bar. These gems have 20 grams of protein, so they are an AWESOME snack, and they have just the right amount of sweet without any added sugar. While I haven't eaten one I didn't like, my personal fav is probably the chocolate peanut butter.

#2 Hershey's Sugar Free Chocolate or Dove: If what you really need is a piece of chocolate, I really like the sugar free chocolates that both of these companies have produced. The Dove ones are a melt in your mouth kind of chocolate, and I LOVE the Hershey's chocolates that are caramel filled. And it doesn't hurt that they are individually packaged- built in portion control.

#3 Thin Slim Brownie or Muffin: I can't say it enough- these products ROCK! Everything they make is a winner, but I especially love the brownies and the blueberry muffins. Pop those bad boys in the microwave for about thirty seconds and you have a warm, sweet-craving kicker.

#4 Lily's Chocolate Bar: If you have a little self-control, go for a few squares of Lily's chocolate. Although there is no added sugar, it is actually still a very rich dark chocolate, so a few squares goes a long way.

#5 Gum: This one may seem like a no brainer, but if you're not hungry, but just want a little something sweet, pop a piece of gum, or as I like to say, DBD GFG!

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Stick it to 'em: Asian Food Quick Tip

Asian restaurants have to be one of my favorite places to eat out. First of all, the are surprisingly diet-friendly, for the most part, and they are always accommodating and willing to do what you ask without BSing you. Sushi, in particular, we all know is a Tiny Tummy fav, and while I could go on and on about why I love sushi, instead, I'm going to tell you about why I love something related to sushi: chopsticks.

When it comes to eating in Asian restaurants, no matter how much you suck at it, eat with the chopsticks. It will make you eat slower, you will use less sauce, eat smaller bites, and let's be honest, the challenge is fun! In this case, it's actually to your advantage to suck at using chopsticks- it will really slow you down and allow you to notice when you're starting to feel full. So, what are you waiting for? Get to it! Chop, chop! ;) Pin It

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Freekah, and Lentils, and Mushrooms, Oh My!

In an indecisive moment the other night, I was struggling between making lentils or freekah as a side dish for my chicken, and actually, I came to a great conclusion- a mix between the two (and some added onions and mushrooms in there of course!) Needless to say, a yummy combo, and for those of you who like cold grain salads, I imagine this would be a winner cold as well.

To make this gem, you will need:

1/4 cup lentils (I use brown)
1/4 cup freekah
3 mushrooms chopped
1 small onion (think shallot sized)
a generous sprinkle of garlic powder, onion powder, and optional cayenne for some kick

First, sauté your onions and mushrooms in a pan and set them aside. Then, cook your freekah according to package instructions with the garlic and onion powder added to the water. When cooked almost entirely through (about 10 minutes from finished), add in the lentils with the recommended amount of water and allow to cook with the freekah until both have reached desired consistency, but there is still a little water left. Add your onions and mushrooms and allow it to simmer until the rest of the water has cooked out

Note: This recipe yields 2 servings as opposed to my usual one serving wonders. If you don't want to prepare enough for two, simply cut the measurements in half! Pin It

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Taco Tuesday: Shrimp Lettuce Tacos

Taco Tuesday doesn't always have to involve conventional tacos, and today's post is far from conventional. Not only do these tacos not include the traditional ground beef or chicken or steak, but they are also shell-less, but far from flavorless. Instead of the traditional meat, these tacos are made with shrimp, and instead of taco shells, they are made in lettuce wraps.

To make these Shrimp Lettuce Tacos, you will need:

3oz shrimp
1.5T Tiny Tummy's Taco Seasoning
2 crisp lettuce leaves (I used romaine)
optional: Any additional taco fix-ins like chopped tomatoes, salsa, guac, shredded cheese, etc.

To prepare, toss the spices over the shrimp, cook the shrimp however you'd like (I used frozen shrimp and warmed them in a pan on the stovetop for a few minutes), and place them into your lettuce cups. How's that for 5-minute shrimp tacos? Pin It

Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Must-Haves

Like I said in a previous post, with the holidays coming up, I have decided to give a few exclusive guides to some of my favorites. Last Friday, I shared my top 5 kitchen faves, and for must-have Monday, I thought I would honor another Monday tradition in the foodie community, and share my top 5 favorite must-have meatless masterpieces.

#1- Health is Wealth Chickenfree Patties: These vegan-friendly patties are reminiscent of a Wendy's fried chicken sandwich. For anyone's inner fast-foodie, this will certainly satisfy the craving. You don't have to be a vegetarian to enjoy these guys, trust me! Also, Health is Wealth's Sprout Burgers deserve honorable mention as another super yummy veggie-burger option. The Chipotle Bean is a personal fav.

#2- MorningStar Farms Grillers California Turk'y Burger: For your veggie burger cravings, it doesn't get any better than these avocado-filled burgers from MorningStar Farms. While they don't have a meaty taste, they are super delicious and have that veggie taste that I often crave when I want a veggie burger.

#3- LightLife Deli Slices: For the vegetarians out there that are missing the traditional deli meat sammy, these are for you. The bologna are my personal fav, and I would actually prefer these guys to traditional bologna. They are also super low cal and pack a fair amount of protein.

#4- Health is Wealth Vegan Buffalo Wings: If you're a vegetarian whose inner-child is screaming for chicken nuggets, look no further. Not only are these little nuggets packed with protein, but they even have a little kick to them, and we all know Tiny Tummy loves a hint of spice (or more than a hint!)

#5- Boca Ground Crumbles: Whoever said vegetarians couldn't have a traditional ground "beef" taco clearly hasn't tried the boca ground crumbles. Complete with taco seasoning and meaty texture, these crumbles make an awesome replacement for ground beef in tacos or in a taco salad. Pin It