Sunday, November 4, 2012

National Candy Day: New Chocolate Find

You'd think these national food holiday makers would plan their holidays a little better- the fact that National Candy Day is less than a week after Halloween practically invited you to eat all of that leftover Halloween Candy. Instead of scarfing down all those miniature sugar comas, I invited you to try this chocolate bar that I just had for the first time yesterday that is beyond decadent and has no added sugar (sweetened with Stevia WOO!)

Lily's Dark Chocolate (I got the one with Almonds since I am a sucker for those crunchers) is rich and delicious, and I love the fact that the almond are crushed and dispersed throughout the bar instead of having one or two almonds dispersed throughout the entire bar. Half the bar as 170 calories, but it is actually so rich, you probably won't even want to eat the entire thing in one sitting (and that says a lot coming from this chocoholic!) If Tiny Tummy is satisfied with a few squares, chances are, you will be too! I grabbed mine at Whole Foods while I was impulse buying to restock my fridge post-Sandy, but I'm sure they sell these bars around elsewhere. Pin It

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