Wednesday, November 14, 2012

This One's In the Bag

Every night, without fail, I have a cup of tea. I don't know what it is about the warm tea that is so soothing, but after a long day (which seems to be every day lately), it really hits the spot. I am pretty routine about drinking my favorite hibiscus looseleaf tea, but for some reason, I decided to change it up a bit and try something new. Now, I'm generally not a huge fan of green tea, but I know that it is so good for you (the nutritional benefits are endless), so I decided there had to be a way for me to enjoy it, and then I remembered that my freshman year in college, when we were forced to eat in the dining halls, they used to have this green tea with pomegranate tea bags that I loved, but the only downside was, they were caffeinated- not the best thing before bed. Low and behold, when I went to my supermarket to buy them, I found that the company now makes these gems in DECAF bags! And, they have lots of new exciting flavors! (And they were on sale- always a plus for Tiny Tummy)

Bigelow Tea is the maker of these gems, which also come in lemon and blueberry acai flavors. I've yet to try the others, but the pomegranate adds some sweetness to the usually bitter taste of green tea. Tiny Tummy may have found a new addition to the nightly routine! Pin It

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