Saturday, November 17, 2012

Poppin' In for a While

Let me just start with a disclaimer that I am not touting these as the next nutritional powerhouse of the chip aisle, because they are not, but if you are looking for a replacement for Glenny's caramel soy crisps (Tiny Tummy's old FAV), then these will do the trick. The whole bag has only 130 calories, but minimal fiber and protein, so they are merely a treat, but they definitely satisfied my nostalgia when it comes to my retired Glenny's faves. And the best part is that they were an impulse buy since they were on sale at my local health food store. Love when impulse buys are actually yummy, because all too often the advertising gets the best of us and we make crazy purchasing decisions. While these chips were definitely yummy and are a healthy alternative to regular potato chips, I wouldn't say they are any sort of revolutionary breakthrough, but I wouldn't judge you for grabbing a bag every so often.

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