Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dippy Chippies- Thanks to Sandy

When it comes to chips and salsa, I tend to shy away because unless you whip up a batch of Tiny Tummy's Tortilla Chips, tortilla chips are generally extremely caloric and fatty; however, during Sandy, I decided that there is no reason that salsa has to be reserved for just tortilla chips and I decided to experiment!

We all know Tiny Tummy likes lentils, so naturally, when I came across these "Lentil Chips," I was naturally curious. While I will admit, these guys do have a lot of ingredients, their caloric info is pretty impressive. At only 110 calories, 3g of fiber, and 4g of protein per ounce (approx. 22 chips- not bad!) you can afford to dunk more than two of these puppies in some fresh salsa! My fav. flavor is far and away the roasted pepper, but if you are a rosemary fan, you will love the rosemary ones. The cucumber dill have a slight flavor and the cracked pepper pack a serious peppery punch, which in my opinion, overpowers the salsa. On their own; however, they are quite flavorful! They also taste nothing like lentils and could easily replace unhealthier chips or crackers, so the next time you're craving chips and salsa, try these guys! Pin It

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