Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Another Sandy Quickie

Living off of non-perishable foods is the furthest thing from fun- the inner creative chef in me was feeling extremely stifled because generally these "no-cook" meals rely on simplicity, which can actually be a great thing in every day situations too. This next 2 ingredient recipe was a go-to snack for me during the storm, and is a great option for those days when you're in a rush.


To make Tiny Tummy's Two-Second Taco, you will need:

1 Laughing Cow Wedge of Choice (I used Garlic and Onion)
1 La Tortilla Factory Tortilla

To prepare:
During the storm, I warmed the tortilla in a pan on the stove top and melted the cheese in it using the stove heat, but feel free to use the toaster oven, regular oven, or microwave if you don't care about crispiness. Pretty self-explanatory, but spread the cheese wedge on the tortilla, heat, and eat. Salsa makes a great addition, as usual! Pin It

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