Friday, November 16, 2012

Something To Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which often means a diet-disaster for everyone; however, Thanksgiving doesn't have to be a reason to eat so much you can't even move. Countless people have asked me how to keep Thanksgiving as healthy as possible, so I thought it was worth addressing the issue. Everyone has their trick for healthy Thanksgiving eating, and since Tiny Tummy is not at your family's table, I can't tell you which dishes are your best bet or how much of what to have, so I'm going to stick to a few generic, simple tips to follow to ensure your Thanksgiving isn't a total diet fail, some of which are tips from Tiny Tummy's previous posts that are especially important to remember at Thanksgiving!

1. Save the stuffing for your turkey, not your Tiny Tummy: Chances are, there will be an ABUNDANCE of food on your Thanksgiving table, and most likely, everything will be served buffet style. The key here is to remember portion control. If you're the type that has to have a little of everything, then go for it, but stick to that single plate. Alternatively, if you can resist the fatty, starchy dishes without feeling deprived, then bulk up on lean protein and clean veggies!

2. To thrive, don't deprive: I've said this before in the past. If you deprive yourself, you will only end up overindulging later. This tip can be applied to Thanksgiving day, itself, as you don't want to starve yourself all day in preparation to pig out. It can also be applied to the meal itself: if you deprive yourself during the meal, chances are, you'll end up overdoing dessert, so take a little of everything you crave- just don't go CRAZY.

3. Cheat, but don't repeat: Yes, it's somewhat inevitable that Thanksgiving will at least be somewhat of a cheat day for all of us, and that's allowed. The important thing is to remember to get right back on track the next day-- maybe throw in a little extra exercise, but DON'T starve yourself! Hey, black friday is a great excuse to get a little extra walking in, right? Pin It

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