Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Taco Tuesday: Nach-yo Average Nachos

Happy National Nacho Day, and how fitting that it falls on a Taco Tuesday. Even though I have a ton more Sandy recipes to share, I had to take a break to share my version of guilt-free nachos, and they are super simple to make.

First, whip up a batch of Tiny Tummy's tortilla chips. Then, either break apart a fat free cheese slice or two and sprinkle it over the chips, or shred up a block of Lifetime's fat free cheese (they have a few awesome options for nachos-- jalepeno jack, mild mexican, etc.). Then, add a few scoops of Tiny Tummy's fav Bean Dip, and, finally, top it all off with some shredded lettuce and, of course, some salsa!

And of course, if you're feelin frisky, feel free to spice things up with some jalepenos!

For you calorie-counters out there, 1 plate of these nachos (using 1 tortilla, 1 oz of cheese or 2 FF slices, and 1 serving of both the bean dip and the salsa) has under 125 calories! If you're making this a meal, feel free to add some avocado for a little healthy fat or some shredded chicken for protein, or simply double the recipe! Pin It

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