Monday, November 12, 2012

You Want a Pizza This?

So in honor of National Pizza With the Works day, I thought it was only fitting to share my latest pizza find, and it happens to be found in the frozen section of your supermarket! Not going to lie, I've had my eye on these pizzas for about 4 months, but couldn't find them ANYWHERE, and the thought of ordering them in bulk online just didn't seem like a good idea in case they were gross, but they are actually pretty good!
Vitalicious's new VitaPizzas are PACKED with protein and fiber, and only have 190 calories per pizza- as far as frozen dinner pizzas are concerned, you can't find a better one! While I will admit they are a little small, for a convenient and filling microwavable meal, these pizzas get an A+, and if you put it in the oven after microwaving it like Tiny Tummy did, then you get a nice crispy crust. These guys are finally making their way into local supermarkets (Waldbaums, Stop & Shop, etc.), so you might have to dig a little, but definitely worth the hunt! Pin It

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