Friday, December 14, 2012

Fave Things Friday: Five Minute Recipes

Around the holiday times, things can get busy. And when I say busy, I mean busier than usual. Often, this leaves us with less time to cook, which usually only adds to holiday weight gain. Instead of just embracing this reality, I figured I would share my Top 5 Fav Five Minute Recipes. All of these recipes can be prepped in five minutes or less!

1. Mac and Cheese... the Healthy Way: Okay, definition quick dinner= Mac and Cheese, but usually healthy and mac and cheese are not found together. This recipe is a healthy take on Easy Mac that can be prepared just as quickly as the chemical-filled child favorite.

2. Slimming Sliders: There's nothing quite like a good burger, though people often associate a good burger with lots of fat and calories. Not only do burgers not have to be unhealthy, but seasoning the perfect patty can be done in under five minutes!

3. Baked Buffalo Chicken Bites: Buffalo wings are another typically fattening holiday food, but they can be made healthy in no time. Tiny Tummy shows you how!

4. Fast Fish:  Who says you have to go to a restaurant and get a piece of fish doused in some fattening sauce to have a quick and easy fish dinner? This fish recipe is about as fast as it gets, and it's super healthy and delicious!

5. Spicy Cheesy Veggie Bowl: Veggies, cheese, hot sauce.. what more can you ask for? And it all comes together in this super simple yummy bowl of goodness!

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