Monday, December 10, 2012

Chop, Chop: New restaurant survival tip!

So today's post was supposed to be Tzatziki Tuesday, but that recipe will have to wait because a friend surprised me with a much needed sashimi dinner last night that inspired this post. The last time I got a sashimi platter, I had planned to make tar tar salad with the sashimi, but did such a poor job butchering it, that I ended up eating the sashimi in tiny pieces, and I realized that I ate my dinner much slower than when I devoured it whole  piece by piece. So, Tiny Tummy's newest tip to slow down your eating: small bites.

I've always heard eating in small pieces is the way to go, but until you try it, it doesn't really set in. You're forced to eat slower, you put your fork (or chopsticks) down between bites, and you learn to really listen to when you're full. You can easily take this tip with you to your diner table or to any restaurant. So, my mistake turned into a positive! We both cut our sashimi up and enjoyed it slowly, which makes every bite all the more enjoyable!

Note: The photo pictured is our entire jazzed up dinner- complete with Tiny Tummy's Spicy mayo, chopped scallions, and a big bowl of ginger! And of course, a Bai to satisfy our sweet tooth! Pin It

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