Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fave Things Friday:

As my final post for Fave Things Friday, I figured I would address the fact that the world is supposed to end today, so I figured in case the world actually does end, it would probably be pretty importnat to share my all time favorite foods and my guilt-free versions I've found or made!

1. Bagels: Maybe it's because I'm from New York, but it's hard to beat a good bagel for breakfast. We all know bagels are carb central and are WAY too big for what we should be. Fortunately, many companies make shelf-stable "bagel thins," but my favorite bagel swap is actually Carb Krunchers' Onion Rolls. With some of any of Tiny Tummy's cream cheeses, you've got a guilt-free bagel swap!

2. Indian Food: Growing up, Indian food buffet was basically a biweekly tradition in my family, so I got very used to eating this regional cuisine and all of its bold flavors. Indian food is generally pretty healthy if you choose the right dishes without cream or butter/ghee in excess, but just in case, I have a delicious healthy version of one my favorite veggie curries that carries all the flavors of India is one!

3. Pizza: Again, maybe it's my inner New Yorker, but who doesn't love a great slice of pizza? The problem is, traditional pizza is far from healthy. For a freezer pizza find, check these out, but if you want to make your own delectable pizza, try this recipe!

4. Chocolate: This one doesn't need an explanation. To kick a chocolate craving, try any of these.

5. Sushi: Last, but certainly not least, sushi. Again, growing up, sushi was a huge part of my dining out experience. I've found many ways to eat sushi without packing in the calories, but my all time favorite sushi roll is this bad boy. Pin It

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