Monday, May 28, 2012

Oh My Onion!

When I started a low carb diet, I thought I had given up one of my favorite breakfast items for good: an onion roll! Something about a toasted onion roll was about as good as it got for me in the morning, but the average onion roll is fiberless (or close to it) and loaded with useless carbs and calories. One of the best low carb products I have found, to date, comes from our friends at Carb Krunchers: their loaded onion pockets.
These onion-roll wannabes clock in at 121 calories a pop, pack an impressive 7.5 grams of fiber, and don't taste low carb AT ALL. Seriously, I could eat these for breakfast every day. Each pocket is filled with yummy onion flakes which provides a surprising burst of flavor! For breakfast, I pop one in the microwave for about a minute and pair it with a few tablespoons of homemade fat-free scallion/chive cream cheese (recipe here), some low cal/high protein Lox (I shoot for 70 calories/13g of protein per 57gram serving), and some fresh tomato slices. This entire breakfast clocks in at under 250 calories and keeps me full for hours!

The only downside, as per usual, is that they are a bit hard to find and fairly expensive, but SO worth it. You can order them online or check out your local health food/low carb grocer! Pin It

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