Friday, May 4, 2012


I don't know about everyone else, but this week has been CREEPING by for me! Today was definitely one of those TGIF Friday's for me, so in light of the occasion, I decided to try to make-over one of my favorite TGI Friday's recipes- their potato skins!

When I was younger, I used to go with my friends at least once or twice a month for these delicious treats- and I'd eat the entire order as a meal! If only I had known just how greasy and unhealthy those suckers were, but hey, we're all young and reckless once!

Anyway, here are my made over tater skins, and the ingredients I used!

1 medium potato- cooked and flesh removed (I saved the flesh and made mashed potatoes for dinner tomorrow night!)
1/2 ounce of fat-free cheddar cheese
3 slices of Turkey Pepperoni broken up
1/4 of a small jalepeno pepper diced (my added touch)
A sprinkle of chopped onion and garlic flakes (I also added some Chipotle seasoning, but totally not necessary!)
Optional: Coconut Oil Spray to get the skins a little crispier

These guys are pretty easy to make, and if you plan on making more than one potato's worth, just multiply the recipe accordingly. First, cook and flesh out your potato- I microwaved mine. Then, spray a baking sheet (and the skins if you so desire) and let them bake until they crisp up. Then sprinkle them liberally with cheese, pepperoni, jalepenos, and whatever spices you may like, and put them back into the oven until the cheese melts and the skins are super crisp! Serve with a little Honey or Dijon Mustard (Walden Farms anybody?!) and you're good to go! 

P.S.- Based on the size of the potato you use/how much you choose to flesh out, the 2-skin serving probably has less than 100 calories!

P.P.S- Feeling Frisky? Next time, I'm going to try making this recipe with butternut squash skins! Can you say sweet genius?!
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