Friday, May 25, 2012

Diet-Friendly Delivery

Today was quite a crazy day for me! I moved into a new apartment in the East Village, and let's just say moving is TIRING! As much as I would have loved to cook my first dinner in my apartment, my stove and microwave don't work! (Already off to a great start with my super!)

Anyway, as opposed to wasting the time going out for dinner, I decided it would be best to order in so I could keep on unpacking! Now, I live in NYC where almost every restaurant delivers, but I know in other areas delivery is limited to basically pizza and Chinese Food; however, if you choose to order Chinese Food, as I did tonight, it doesn't have to be a diet disaster. Many Chinese restaurants have added a new diet-friendly section to their menus that offer steamed options- steamed chicken, veggies, shrimp, beef, etc. And you can often get a side of brown rice! I suggest skipping the sauce and adding your own from your pantry! This is about as healthy as delivery gets- just don't overdo your portions! You can always save it heat it again the next day! (Unless, like me, you're microwave-less!)

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