Monday, May 7, 2012

Big Bad Burger Wannabes

Recently, I've been obsessed with veggie burgers. Maybe it's because I've been really busy, and they are super easy to just microwave, throw on an English muffin (with lettuce, tomato, onions, mushrooms, etc.), and eat, or maybe it's just because they're really frigan delicious.

Regardless, the world of veggie burgers is vast and intimidating. There are SO many out there! One of these days, I will compile a list of all of my favorite veggie burgers, but considering that list is going to be quite long, today, I am just going to share with you my favorite lowest cal burger-patty-replacement burger (as opposed to a black bean-type, actual veggie-filled patty). If I'm craving a burger, but don't have time to make one, I turn to my friends at Boca Burger for an on-the-go burger fix. For anyone who says the drive through is the only option when you're short on time and craving a burger, this one's for you!

At only 70 calories each, these patties pack a pretty good source of protein (13g), and when paired with an English muffin, a slice of cheese, and all the usual burger fix-ins, they aren't half bad! 

Disclaimer: These certainly aren't a McDonalds/Burger King Burger. In fact, on their own, the patties aren't all that great, but once doctored up with a little garlic and onion powder, some BBQ sauce and melted cheese, they'll save you quite a bit of calories and fat, and will probably keep you satiated for longer than that happy meal burger!

Feelin' Frisky? In the gourmet burger world, a burger joint is judged by their secret sauce- a good burger is only as good as that last lick of sauce you clean from your fingers! I mean, who uses Ketchup anymore?! Want to know what I put on my Big Bad Boca Burger? Well it depends on my mood! If I'm craving a spicy burger, I'll jazz it up with some jalepenos ands spicy "mayo" (Walden Farms Mayo Dip+ Sriracha) or some good ole Frank's Hot Sauce (maybe even the Buffalo sauce if I'm feeling really wild!). Craving a BBQ Burger? Throw a slice of Fat-Free Cheddar, Fat-Free American, or Fat-Free Swiss on it and drizzle a little Walden Farms BBQ sauce! And of course, no burger is properly dressed without some sauteed onions and mushrooms! Pin It

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