Friday, May 4, 2012

New Fruity Fizzy Friends

Maybe it's the stress of finals, or maybe it's the fact that the weather is getting warmer, but lately, I've been on a serious soda-kick. Again, I try to stay away from those bad artificial sweeteners that appear in most diet sodas, and I try not to drink my calories, so I'm always delighted to come across some naturally-sweetened diet-fizzy goodness. Luckily, I had a Zevia soda in my fridge! (And in a flavor I had yet to try!) These sodas are sweetened with Stevia (yay!), and actually aren't half bad! I've tried a few of them, but today, as I was feeling rather fruity, so I had this guy:
I mean, how could you go wrong with Strawberry flavored soda? It has that perfect artificial-strawberry taste (think Strawberry Jello!), and the perfect amount of refreshing fizz that I needed to power me through an online final! This is actually one of Zevia's newest flavors (they also just released Lime Cola and Cherry Cola which I have yet to try)! I've also tried their Caffeine-free Cola and their Ginger Root Beer, both of which had a slightly strange tinge to them, but totally worth drinking in place of their cancer-causing counterparts.

The company has a bunch of other flavored sodas, and can be found at most health-food stores in the NYC area. If you're interested in their other flavors, or you're not from the NYC area and want to see where these sodas are sold, check out their website here.  

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