Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wendy Who?

As the weather gets nicer, I do my best to walk as much as possible, so lately, I've been walking home from work every day. In my town, all of the fast food restaurants are in a line, and unfortunately for me, I have to walk past them every day on my way home. Now usually, I don't think about fast food at all, but walking by and smelling the fried chicken and french fries made me think about how much I used to love the crispy chicken sandwiches from Wendy's. Naturally, I went on a hunt for a healthier version to kick this craving, and I came across these:

These vegan patties were the PERFECT way to kick my Wendy's craving. At only 110 calories and 12 grams of protein, when paired with some lettuce, tomato, a Fiber One English Muffin and a little Walden Farm's BBQ Sauce (or Mayo if you want to be traditional), these patties could easily replace the fried Wendy's chicken! I will say though, they reminded me a little bit of crab cakes (which didn't bother me at all!- It's not that they had a fishy taste, just the consistency was more like a crab cake than a chicken patty)

And now that I know that these "chicken" patties are delish, I want to try other products from this line! Their vegan buffalo wings sound incredible, and their new line of sproutburgers sound equally enticing. I'll keep you in the loop as soon as I try them! Pin It

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