Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sprouted Grainsation

Since I decided to reincorporate grains into my diet, I've come up with a rule when it comes to my carbs- they must be high in fiber (and preferably high in protein too!) Bread is one of the easier finds when it comes to the high-fiber picks, but there are SO many breads out there; it's hard to decide which to buy! Recently, I took a peek through the breads in Trader Joe's, and let's just say they have a WIDE selection of different breads! I don't know what brought me to this particular loaf, since many of their breads had added fiber and a fair amount of protein, but at 90 calories, .5g of fat, and 5g of fiber and protein per slice, I decided on the sprouted whole wheat fiber bread!

This bread has a grainy taste to it, which I love, so if you're a traditional white bread kinda guy/gal, I would recommend looking elsewhere! The little seeds in this loaf make each bite crunchy and delicious. My dad likes it toasted with peanut butter, and I like it toasted with some fat free cheese on it and perhaps an egg or my fav. Tofu Salad! I could see it pairing well with deli meats as well if you're a fan of the traditional lunch meat sammy. Gotta love Trader Joe's- they never disappoint! 

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