Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Pita for Poppy!

Full disclosure: I love and miss my grandparents a lot. My grandpa is one of the best guys you could ever know- probably the most easy-going, patient, and accepting individual I have ever met. Recently, he has suffered some heart-related health problems, and was put on a fairly restrictive, low-sodium diet. For a guy who sprinkled salt on just about everything he ate, this was a HUGE life-changer, and not only are his salt-shakin' days over, but so are his days eating a lot of foods we wouldn't think of as sodium-suckers! (hey, did you know celery packs a pretty high dosage of sodium?!)

Anyway, Mother's Day is a week from today, and the fam decided on a Greek restaurant! One of the more surprising sources of sodium (at least in my opinion) is actually bread, so when I came across these pitas at my local grocery store, I couldn't leave them there!

While they aren't exactly impressive in the fiber department, they pack a great source of protein and at only 80 calories each and 0, yes 0mg of sodium, they are a perfect fit for my grandpa and any low-sodium dieters out there! (Note: The whole wheat, no salt pita variety pack a little more fiber, but the Pops isn't a fan of whole wheat, so we stuck with white!)

And for those of you who don't follow a low-sodium diet, Toufayan makes a whole bunch of different 80-calorie pitas, which include flavors such as multigrain, wheat, and onion. They also make normal size pitas, which even come in a low-carb variety (which pack a much better source of fiber and clock in at 130 calories and 11 grams of protein!) Pin It

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