Monday, May 14, 2012

Mid Meal Munchies!

We've all experienced it- the in-between-meal-munchies! Fact: When I'm in a munchy-mood, just about anything looks good to me, including things I know I shouldn't be eating. A question I am frequently asked is how is it possible to avoid the bad stuff when these mid-meal-munchies strike? It's simple- always be prepared! Everywhere I go, I always make sure I bring a high-fiber, high-protein bar with me (ie: Atkins, Quest, etc.) Sometimes, I even keep 2 or 3 on me! This way, if I find myself in need of a pick-me-up in between meals, I am prepared! It has basically become a part of my mental checklist of necessities that I make sure to bring with me before I leave the house (right after my iPhone and wallet of course!) If you drive, it's great to keep a bar or two in your car as well, or in your desk at work, or even in your back pocket! (Just don't sit on it! Nobody likes a squished bar!)

Not a fan of bars? Try a bag of mixed nuts and (unsweetened) dried fruit! Just be sure to watch your portion size!
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