Saturday, December 1, 2012

Out of Sight, Out of Mouth

We all have trigger foods... you know, those foods that once you start, no matter how many times you tell yourself you're just going to have 1 or a handful, you end up eating every last bit. For me, nuts tend to fall in that category, along with soy crisps lately, and with the holiday season upon it, temptation is exceptionally high, which is why it is especially important to remember: out of sight, out of mouth.

By this, I simply mean don't keep trigger foods around. If you know that a bag of potato chips is a weakness for you, don't buy it. If you can't stop at just one Oreo, don't buy the box. As much as I love Soy Crisps, I save them for a once in a while indulgence because I know that if I open a bag, chances are, it won't live to see another day! Another option? Portion controlled packaging! If I am CRAVING nuts, I'll buy the 100 calorie packs of almonds, so even if I eat the whole bag, I'm not overdoing it. Unfortunately, I know not all foods work like this... you can't buy one square of cookie dough or a single Oreo, which is why sometimes out of sight out of mouth is the best rule. If it's not in the house, you can't eat it, so just don't buy it. In the end, it will actually save you some money too! Pin It

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