Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Must-Haves

Like I said in a previous post, with the holidays coming up, I have decided to give a few exclusive guides to some of my favorites. Last Friday, I shared my top 5 kitchen faves, and for must-have Monday, I thought I would honor another Monday tradition in the foodie community, and share my top 5 favorite must-have meatless masterpieces.

#1- Health is Wealth Chickenfree Patties: These vegan-friendly patties are reminiscent of a Wendy's fried chicken sandwich. For anyone's inner fast-foodie, this will certainly satisfy the craving. You don't have to be a vegetarian to enjoy these guys, trust me! Also, Health is Wealth's Sprout Burgers deserve honorable mention as another super yummy veggie-burger option. The Chipotle Bean is a personal fav.

#2- MorningStar Farms Grillers California Turk'y Burger: For your veggie burger cravings, it doesn't get any better than these avocado-filled burgers from MorningStar Farms. While they don't have a meaty taste, they are super delicious and have that veggie taste that I often crave when I want a veggie burger.

#3- LightLife Deli Slices: For the vegetarians out there that are missing the traditional deli meat sammy, these are for you. The bologna are my personal fav, and I would actually prefer these guys to traditional bologna. They are also super low cal and pack a fair amount of protein.

#4- Health is Wealth Vegan Buffalo Wings: If you're a vegetarian whose inner-child is screaming for chicken nuggets, look no further. Not only are these little nuggets packed with protein, but they even have a little kick to them, and we all know Tiny Tummy loves a hint of spice (or more than a hint!)

#5- Boca Ground Crumbles: Whoever said vegetarians couldn't have a traditional ground "beef" taco clearly hasn't tried the boca ground crumbles. Complete with taco seasoning and meaty texture, these crumbles make an awesome replacement for ground beef in tacos or in a taco salad. Pin It

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