Sunday, July 14, 2013

Kan I replicate a Kani Salad? (Homemade Japanese style Kani Salad)

Confession: I am a sucker for a good kani salad at a Japanese restaurant; however, I am fully aware that  they are often prepared with full-fat spicy mayo (so I usually ask for the sauce on the side and apply my own!) But kani salads are so simple- just shredded crab, matchsticks or julienned cucumber, and the occasional sesame seed garnish, so I got to thinking, why not recreate it myself? And I set out to do just that!

To make your very own Kani Salad, you will need:

Equal parts julienned or matchsticks of cucumber and shredded crabmeat (real or imitation)

Tiny Tummy's Spicy Mayo: 
2T Walden Farms Miracle Mayo 
1t Sriracha Hot Sauce
(for your Kani salad, use this ratio to make as much as you find satisfactory to coat your salad)

optional: sesame seeds for garnish

Mix everything up in a bowl and serve it on up! I love bringing the Japanese restaurant into my home kitchen!
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