Saturday, July 13, 2013

Put A Ring On It

It can't be much of a secret that I love Brad's Kale Chips... considering I came up with a recipe to replicate them, but I still buy  the real deal when I can find them cheap. While shopping the other day, I came across a new(ish) product from Brad's and considering how much I love the kale, I figured it was worth trying.
Brad's Raw Onion Rings, while not as good as their kale chips, were still pretty delicious. They were crunchy with a lot of flavor and almost reminded me of the bagged onion ring chips I used to eat as a child growing (not that frequently because there were many other chips I liked better!) For anyone who loved those faux onion ring chips as a child, or just likes something crunchy with flavor, these are definitely worth a try- not fried, no GMO's, and even kosher and vegan! Pin It

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