Sunday, September 15, 2013

Balls of Energy- Vegan Style

Hey Tiny Tummy-ers. I figured you all deserved an explanation as to my prolonged absence these last few months before I share my newest recipes, findings, and foodie news. I recently accepted a job (yes, on top of my multiple other internships, college courses, and attempt at a social life) working for a restaurant management company as the head of marketing research and development. On top of that, I was just offered a promotion to take over the social media department of the company as well. Since the job market is a pretty scary place right now, I'm incredibly grateful to have the position, so I've been dedicating a lot of my time to the job. Therefore, not only is my blogging suffering, but my cooking is too. I've been doing a lot of plain ole salmon and steamed veggies, take-out meals, etc... doesn't exactly make for the most exciting posts, but after receiving enough "where'd you go?!" messages, I decided to try my best to get as many new posts up as possible.

So, to kick things off, I thought I'd start with a very simple recipe for a dessert I recently made for a dinner party I cooked for Mommy Tiny Tummy, Daddy Tiny Tummy, and some of the Tiny Tummys' friends. One of Mommy Tiny Tummys' friends is gluten-free, doesn't eat fruit, and tries to eat very healthy, so dessert posed a minor obstacle. The week prior, one of my friend's and I went to a health food store and picked up a vegan date-nut-oat ball for dessert. Since it was DELICIOUS (and a little expensive), I decided to try to replicate it for our dinner party (or at least a version of it), so here is the recipe.

To make these Vegan Energy Balls, you will need:

15-20 dates, pits removed
1/4 cup dark chocolate chips
8-10 oz almonds
pinch of sea salt
optional: 1/4 cup of oats (could use gluten-free oats); pinch of cinnamon

To prepare, simply throw all the ingredients into a food processor, and blend until an even consistency is achieved. Then, roll the mixture into balls (any size of your choice), and store in the refrigerator. Easy as pie (though much healthier!) Pin It

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