Sunday, April 29, 2012

SOS! (Survival Tip #2)

Restaurant menus are scary terrain. Sometimes it seems to be impossible to find a healthy option. When reading a menu, no matter where I'm going, the first thought in my mind is always SOS! No, not HELP ME, but rather, what can I order with the Sauce On the Side

Survival Tip #2: Always think SOS!
For example, let's take the typical seared tuna entree. Our fishy friend is often a great option if prepared correctly, but he's often drowned in sauce (get it?! drowned?!) So, simple solution: SOS! Just ask for the sauce on the side! This way, you get a yummy piece of fish, and you still get to taste whatever sauce it was supposed to come with. Even better? Ask the server for some fresh lemon and just squeeze some lemon over the fish. You can even do half and half (dip half the fish in the sauce, and eat the other half with just some lemon on it.) Pin It

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