Sunday, June 9, 2013

Boasting New Beans

Since I've moved, Trader Joe's has become all the more convenient. My go-to grocery store used to be a supermarket down the block from my old apartment, but now Trader Joe's is actually closer, and since my gym is right next door, it is even more convenient to shop there. Therefore, most of my meals have been from good ole Trader Joe. On my most recent food shopping excursion, I was seriously craving black bean burgers, so I decided to pick up a can of black beans. For whatever reason, their Cuban Style Black Beans were slightly cheaper than the regular ones, so I decided read the ingredients (which were completely clean) and then to give them a go, and woah did they make delicious black bean burgers!!

I highly recommend giving these guys a try the next time you're grabbing black beans. The spices are delish and the only additional visible accouterments are small pieces green peppers (I generally don't like green peppers, but they taste good in here I promise!). Toss the beans on a salad, make black bean burgers, make a black bean dip, or just eat them plain a la rice and beans... go crazy; they're delish! Pin It

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