Friday, June 21, 2013

Thai Peanut Dressing Meets Its Skinny Sister

Growing up, Thai food was one of my favorites. I don't eat it very often now because I know the dishes I loved weren't exactly the healthiest, but I haven't given it up completely. I've already found ways to make over some of my favorites (Pad Thai, Massaman Curry), but one thing I hadn't done yet was makeover that delicious dressing they put on their salads and give as a sauce alongside the chicken satay (another fave). So for Father's Day, I decided to go to work and recreate this dressing fave, and it actually came out quite good.

To make this Skinny Thai Peanut Dressing, you will need:
4 T PB2 (reconstituted) or natural peanut butter
1 T light soy sauce
1.5 T coconut or rice or plum vinegar
1/2 t chili powder
optional but highly recommended: Sriracha to spice it up

To prepare, simply mix all of the ingredients together and serve over mixed greens or alongside chicken satay. How's that for a lightened up heavy fave? Pin It

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