Thursday, March 7, 2013

All that BBQ Smokey goodness- No Grill Needed

Tiny Tummy loves a good charred flavor on just about anything, but living in NYC doesn't exactly lend itself to a BBQ. While I love to take advantage of my parents's BBQ in the summer months, and I have my awesome George Foreman Grill for other times, sometimes, I just wish I could sprinkle that smokey flavor on my food in two seconds. I think Senor Joe of Trader Joe's heard my prayers because he answered them with this smokey spice shaker.

Trader Joe's South African Smoke seasoning blend shaker makes a great addition to a meat rub, or even to a pasta dish, as strange as that sounds. I eat my spaghetti squash plain with just a few sprinkles of this spice, and it provides an instant pop of flavor. Not only is this shaker delicious, but it's pretty cheap too! Seriously, leave it to Trader Joe's to think of just about everything! Pin It

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