Sunday, March 31, 2013

Yumnuts is Quite an Understatement

I'm almost nervous to recommend these, because they are THAT delicious. I have two weaknesses (well my top two): chocolate and nuts, so the combination of the two is sinfully delicious in my books, so when I came across Yumnuts Cashews chocolate dusted cashews, I decided I had to try them. Two words: YUM NUTS.

These are chocolate covered bundles of deliciousness made it hard not to devour the whole bag in one sitting, but I did manage to resist. They are perfect to kick both a nut and a chocolate craving in one deal, and make a great snack to hold you over between meals. If you are the type to make your own trail mix, these would make a great add in, because they are pretty steep per bag. Nevertheless, a yummy treat. Pin It

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