Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Passin' Over the Bread

It seems like I just walked off the plane from London, and I'm immediately thrust into the Passover Seder. Okay... so maybe I didn't attend seder this year, but it wasn't out of laziness, but simply business. Between class and unpacking, I barely had time to squeeze in dinner, so while I do feel bad about missing my grandma's traditional brisket, I was sure to, at the very least, prepare a dinner that satisfies the "Kosher for Passover" requirements- no bread, no grains, etc. etc. And actually, what I made came out pretty good, so no complaints!

To make this veggie, faux-meaty, cheesy bowl of fun, you will need:

1/2 small head of cauliflower, cooked
1/4 cup Boca or Morningstar Farms ground beef crumbles (or good ole ground beef if you're not worried about keeping kosher) seasoned to your liking
1/2 cup assorted corn, carrots, and any other veggie of your choosing, cooked
1-2 Laughing Cow Cheese wedge of choice (I used 1 whole swiss wedge and 1/2 of a garlic and herb wedge)
optional: some sauteed onions/mushrooms (I had some leftover so I tossed them in there)

To prepare, toss everything in a bowl and microwave until cheese stirs in easily and veggies/"meat" are all heated through. Yep, that easy! Even if you don't celebrate Passover, it's still a yummy, quick throw-together of a dinner!
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