Monday, March 11, 2013

Chica Chica Yeah

In the office that I work in, companies constantly send free snacks in the hope that my boss with endorse them or throw them a bone in the media. While that doesn't happen too often, the rest of us benefit because there are always an abundance of healthy snacks around for the times we get hungry. I'm usually well-prepared when it comes to having a snack on hand, but the other day, after working a little later than expected, hunger struck, and The Good Bean was there to answer.

The company sent my boss a bunch of their different dried chick pea snacks to try, and since the sweet cinnamon bag was open, that was where my hand went. To whomever opened that bag, good choice! These guys were crunchy, sweet and delicious. And each bag contains a whopping 12 grams of fiber and protein (the other flavors have 14 grams of protein!) all for under 300 calories, and to be honest. I only had a couple and it completely staved off my hunger for that last hour of work. Now that I tried the cinnamon ones, I will definitely have to try the others. Have you tried these beans? What do you think? Pin It

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