Saturday, May 11, 2013

Oats of Steel

I was recently asked what the difference between steel cut oats and regular, microwaveable oats is. The only true difference is the cut of the oat. Steel cut oats are made by cutting the whole oat into tiny bits, while the rolled oats (the microwaveable oats) are whole oats rolled flat. Rolled oats are often steamed partially, which is why steel cut oats often get a better rap because some people believe some of the vitamins and minerals are depleted during this processing, but essentially, you're eating the same food. As far as I'm concerned, eat what you like. I bought steel cut oats to give them a try, and honestly, they don't quite get as thick as the rolled oats do. There's a photo of the final product below (and I even added a little extra water this time to help it thicken... but it didn't). Next time, I'm going back to my usual rolled oats.

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