Monday, May 6, 2013

They're called "Thin Cakes" for a Reason!

Do you ever crave the condiment as opposed to the actual dipper? I know, it may sound weird, but sometimes, I really crave jelly or mustard, but the thought of eating either by the spoonful is a little gross. And while, yes, veggies are great if you're craving mustard or BBQ sauce, or some form of dressing, veggies, and even some fruits, dipped in jelly and other condiments is a little weird. Not to mention, sometimes, you just want a little cracker-crunch with your condiments, but you don't want to waste tons and tons of calories, and that is where these guys come in.

Suzie's Thin Cakes are the perfect solution to this dipping dilemma. Spreading some jelly, mustard, etc. on them is a great way to get the crackers & whatever fix you may need without the carb overload. By no means are they any sort of nutritional powerhouse; in fact, they are more or less fillers, but for a low-cal crunch, they definitely do the trick. I like the corn-based ones, as they have 38 calories per 3 cakes (and I am likely to go for the whole 3 cake serving!), and there is no added sugar (woohoo!) Additionally, you can even turn these guys into a sandwich and save the bread calories without totally losing out on your carb-fix. A turkey, chicken, ham, bologna, whatever sammy is really more about the meat anyway, right? Loading these crackers up with your meat of choice, lettuce, tomato, and a squirt of mustard is a yummy snack or lunch (maybe more than one for a meal though!), and they work great for PB&J too!

P.S.- These were another Sandy Survival Find, in case you were wondering! I almost feel like I need a label specifically for all the non-perishables that I tested during the hurricane and its aftermath, as well as all the simple no-cook, no light needed, recipes that came from this Frankenstorm! Pin It

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