Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sink-O Your Teeth into These Recipes

Tomorrow marks a holiday that is traditionally associated with heaping piles of nachos, oozing cheese sauce, and enough frozen margaritas to give you a week-long brain freeze--yep, I'm talking about Cinco De Mayo. Over the course of the year (can you believe Big Eyes Tiny Tummy is over a year old?!) I've given you countless recipes suitable for this festive dia, and to save you the trouble of looking back, here are some of my favorite Mexican-inspired recipes to help you celebrate and a guide in case you're taking the fiesta out of su casa.

Turkey Tacos
DIY Tortilla Chips
Tiny Tummy's Nacho Extravaganza
Shrimp Tacos
Ground Chicken Tacos
DIY Taco Shells

Mexican Restaurant Quick Tips

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