Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tune it Up: Lightened Up Tuna Salad

Lately, I've been having a salad for lunch every day, and while I'm enjoying switching up my legumes and egg whites as protein (Tiny Tummy is not a fan of cold grilled chicken), I realized I had been neglecting one of my favorite salad toppers that packs a decent amount of lean protein-- tuna! It has been a while since I last made tuna salad, so I decided to mix what I had into the tuna, and it actually came out quite delicious.

To make this lightened up tuna salad, you will need:
2 cans tuna in water (reduced sodium is best)
2 tablespoons Greek yogurt (or light mayo or mustard or Walden Farms dressing)
4 tablespoons chopped celery
4 tablespoons chopped carrots
2 tablespoons corn

To prepare, drain the tuna and transfer to a bowl with the rest of the ingredients. Mix until well combined (if it is too dry for you, feel free to add more of whatever condiment you chose to use, I just prefer a drier tuna salad). Also a simple tip: toss the carrots and celery in your food processor and pulse a few times to save yourself some chopping time Pin It

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