Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cleanse Day 4

The final day. For anyone cleansing along with me, we made it! I will say it has NOT been easy. Not going to lie, if I didn't see another egg for a few weeks, it probably wouldn't bother me. I did really enjoy the lentils though. I make those every now and then anyway, so the lunch salad was something I would normally eat. The sauteed spinach was also pretty yummy with dinner. I don't know that I'd eat it every night, but I could definitely make it as a side dish more often. If there's one thing I learned (or revisited) with this cleanse, it's that no grains/ starchy carbs= weight loss for me. I'll reveal my overall weight loss tomorrow (drumroll please!), along with Mommy Tiny Tummy's and Daddy Tiny Tummy's weight loss. And, if you want to know how the rest of my office did, you'll have to subscribe to the Nutritious Life newsletter. As usual, a few of my meals below. Another egg-pocket for breakfast, an apple with cinnamon , and the same ole lunch and dinner. Seriously looking forward to my low-carb bagel tomorrow morning though.

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