Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New You Cleanse Day 2

Another day, more eggs salmon spinach and lentils. I have to say, I actually really enjoy these cleanse meals. With the exception of breakfast (plain ole eggs), I find ways to spice up each meal so that it's exciting and tasty. I wasn't all that adventurous today- I didn't prep my food any differently, so the meals were basically the same. Below is my salmon with spinach and avocado (with a side of lemon which I drizzled on the spinach). I'm never super full after these cleanse meals, but I'm satiated, and that's the point. We are so accustomed to eating to the point of "full" when all we really need is to be happily satiated. Anyway, the dinner pictured below kept me happily satiated and was incredibly delicious, so even if you're not cleansing, I highly recommend it!

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