Sunday, February 24, 2013

Skip to my Croix

Seltzer is pretty much Tiny Tummy's thing at this point. Honestly, I really do love water, but sometimes I crave soda, and seltzer kicks that craving for me. I recently heard about La Croix seltzer and all of the fun, exotic flavors, but as it turns out, they don't sell it conventional grocery stores around me-- only in Target. Fortunately, Mommy Tiny Tummy was making a Target run and offered to pick me up a pack, so I decided to try peach-pear.

In all honesty, the flavor is mild, but it's a little more umph than plain ole seltzer. I love peach and I love pear, so I expected to love this seltzer, when it was more of a like than love. I wouldn't go crazy out of my way to buy it again, but it certainly wasn't bad, and definitely reasonably priced. If you're a seltzer junkie like me, definitely give it a try, but don't kill yourself to get it. Pin It

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