Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sweet Hearts for Your Sweet Heart

Full disclosure: February 14th is my favorite day of the year. Hands down. Obviously, it doesn't hurt that I'm a chocoholic, but anything cutesy and pink has my name written all over it, so when I happened upon this seasonal tea, I had to try it.

Truth be told, this tea is basically apple cinnamon tea in cute little individual pink packaging, but when it comes to things like this, I can't help but be suckered in a little. I actually really liked the flavor of the tea, though it's no different than Celestial's Apple Cinnamon Tea, so to scour the supermarkets to find this seasonal blend may be silly. If you do happen upon it though, I highly suggest it for the season, and the individual bags are also a plus, especially if you carry tea bags with you. And, it makes a cute little add-on to a Valentine's Day gift :)
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