Sunday, February 17, 2013

Skinny Mini Chocolate Love

Since Valentine's Day just passed, there is clearly an abundance of chocolate lying around. For the holiday (which is BIG in my family), I decided to get a little adventurous and buy new chocolates for everyone I was gifting. Mommy Tiny Tummy got the following bar, and was gracious enough to let me try a bite.
The Skinny Bar is a blend of 66% cacao dark chocolate and hibiscus, though it comes in other varieties as well. I chose the hibiscus flavor because we are both lovers of hibiscus tea, so I figured hibiscus in chocolate must be delicious too. The dark chocolate is delicious and creamy and actually tastes like a richer dark chocolate than the cacao content would suggest; however, I didn't really get the hibiscus flavor. Regardless, the whole bar clocks in under 200 calories, so if you're the type that can eat a whole chocolate bar in one sitting (like myself), then this built-in portion control is perfect. No matter how you slice it (or bite it, let it melt in your mouth, etc.), this chocolate bar is definitely a winner, and I plan to try other flavors from this company! Pin It

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