Sunday, February 24, 2013

Inside The Box: Fiber Gourmet Crackers

It's no secret that most boxed crackers are empty carbs and empty calories, but when it comes to a crunch to accompany a spread, sometimes, crudite doesn't do it. I get that. And, it's not always practical to say you can whip up a batch of your own. Fortunately, guilt-free crackers DO exist, and these Fiber Gourmet crackers are a perfect example. I love the cinnamon ones, and since the box is a little cartoon-y, I thought this was a perfect candidate for Inside the Box.

As you can see, the cartoon image on the box actually represents the real look of the cracker fairly well. And I will vouch for the fact that the portion-controlled 70 calorie pouches are the perfect size. I'm actually a huge fan of all of the fiber gourmet products. I love their crackers, pasta, and stay tuned for a future post revealing a new Flab Free Food Find from them!

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