Sunday, August 12, 2012

Faux-Cream Sauce (thicken your sauce without using cream)

Cream sauce is one of those things I thought I had given up for good, which was a real bummer because I always loved Chicken Tikka Masala and Penne a la vodka- both made with heavy cream, and while, yes, you can use light cream or coconut milk in place of heavy cream, cream in general doesn't really have any redeeming nutritional qualities, which is why I am SO glad I figured out a great replacement for cream (and don't knock it til you've tried it.)

Are you ready? Drumroll, please!

Laughing Cow cheese! I know it sounds crazy, but to thicken a sauce, let a wedge or two come to room temperature (or melt those suckers for a few seconds in the microwave) and stir into a sauce! If you want to add flavor, add some of the more exotic flavors, or for less flavor, stick to the plain swiss. In my mac and cheese tonight, I added a sun-dried tomato basil wedge- you don't even need any other cheese the wedge has so much flavor (but a little melted mozzarella on top never hurt anyone!) At only 35 calories a pop, these wedges are a GREAT replacement for caloric, and fattening cream! Try it, and prepare to be amazed!

Feelin' Frisky? Add a blue cheese wedge to some Franks hot sauce to make a creamy buffalo-wing sauce

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