Friday, August 3, 2012

Foul Foul: vegetarian product review

It's a rare case that I actually purchase a store-bought product that I don't like. I'm pretty good at gauging what will be good and what will be gross, but let me tell you, for once, I got it wrong! In a recent craving for buffalo wings, I decided to try Gardein's classic style buffalo wings. While they are packaged to look like they are slathered in sauce, they actually come naked with a little side package of frozen sauce; however, their impressive nutritional stats do not account for this mystery sauce. So, since I have no idea what's in it, I decided to cover these meatless fritters in Frank's Hot Sauce- at which point they were delicious, but I could have easily made my own with some chicken breast; however, for all of you vegetarians out there, this could easily be the answer to your buffalo wing craving, and if you're feeling adventurous, you can even try their pre-packaged sauce. In case you were wondering, a 4 wing serving contains 90 calories and 15g of protein, which, in my opinion, is pretty darn good, especially compared to traditional buffalo wings! Bottom line, the fritters themselves weren't bad, but not exactly what they claim to be.


I actually did a little research, and went to the company's website to read up on the mystery sauce. On the site, they list the ingredients and nutritional info for the sauce. Per 15g serving (1T), it has 10 calories and 1g of sugar. Not quite as good as Frank's stats, but not half bad either. Still, I'll stick to Frank's! Pin It

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