Friday, August 17, 2012


While I was following a low carb diet, I sort of stuck to a lifestyle somewhere in between the Atkins diet and the Paleo Diet. Yes, I know- Paleo who? People always asked me what the Paleo diet was, as just about nobody had heard of it! It almost became easier to just say I stuck to my own plan- low carb, high protein type thing and just leave the whole "Paleo" part out. But really, the Paleo diet is a great approach to a healthy lifestyle, as it relies on natural, unprocessed foods- lots of protein, and all real ingredients, so I decided it was important to share! The idea is to eat from nature like our ancestors did (hence 'Paleo!')- and therefore, no refined sugars, complex carbs, etc. It's a lot of veggies and meat, eggs, etc- it's very low in carbs, and relies on fats in nuts, seeds, oils, avocados etc. (healthy fats), as opposed to fat from sugar or processed carbs. I still prepare many Paleo-esque meals because I truly believe the lifestyle is genius, but I've reincorporated some grains back into my lifestyle which wouldn't really fit into the Paleo plan. 

Balanced Bites provides an excellent chart with a bunch of Paleo-friendly foods, and while the plan isn't a cookie-cutter formula, it's fairly standard fruit, veggies, proteins, oils, nuts and seeds, etc. If you're looking for a set dietary plan, as opposed to your own crafted lifestyle, I highly recommend Paleo!

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