Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Faux-Lonie (Bologna swap!)

When I was younger, and my mom would pack me lunch, I was never a huge fan of deli meats, with the exception of arguably the worst deli meat you could possibly choose- bologna! With all the processed crap in deli meats, at least some of them have a little protein (turkey, chicken, etc.), but not bologna! It's basically a nutritional-nothing!

Anyway, I haven't eaten bologna in years, and yet for whatever reason, the other day, I really wanted some bologna with mustard. I remembered reading about Lightlife's deli "meats" a while ago, but like I said, it never really struck me as something I would want, but when shopping in my local Fairway the other day, I decided to give them a go, and actually, they are quite delicious! They taste just like real bologna, but they are vegan-friendly- and they have 13g of protein per serving! Woohoo! If I am ever craving a bologna sandwich, this will definitely be my go-to! Pin It

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