Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Thaied Down (Thai Restaurant Survival Guide!)

Thai Food is right up there with Indian food in my favorite cuisines, though many Thai dishes are not exactly healthy. A lot of the dishes are reliant on rice, noodles, or full-fat coconut milk, and of which can pack on the calories and fat fast, but amongst that confusing menu full of these bad options, there are actually quite a few healthy choices on the menu! While Massamun Curry and Pad Thai are among my faves, they aren't exactly healthy, but these next few choices are sure to show up on most Thai menus and won't completely kill your diet!


Oh Hey, Satay: Chicken Satay is a staple appetizer in Tiny Tummy's Thai visits! The chicken itself is packed with flavor (and sometimes quite a bit of oil, so ask them to go light if possible), and packs a great source of protein. Just don't overdo the peanut sauce- that stuff is a diet-disaster!
Feelin' Frisky? Why not make this your entree?! Can you say cheap dinner?

Thai Salad: Thai restaurants often have a great selection of salads- some with mango, papaya, and lots of veggies. Again, just go very light on the peanut dressing, which is where a good bulk of the calories lie, and you're good to go!

Summer Rolls: Wrapped in rice paper, these are often just a mix of veggies (with the occasional pork, shrimp, etc.) in a cute little pocket. As long as you don't overdo the sauce, these can be a great option. Just be warned- don't confuse them with their similarly named evil twin the Spring Roll which is deep fried and a definite diet no-no.

Entrees: The choices on Thai restaurant menus tend to differ, so as usual, I would say stick to the usual grilled protein with a side of steamed veggies and brown rice. And it doesn't hurt to ask if they have any water-based curries as opposed to coconut milk based curries- these rely on the spices for their main source of flavor!

Dessert: As tempting as that sticky rice or fried banana might be, they just aren't worth it. If you must have dessert, see if they offer fresh fruit- some thai restaurants will serve fresh mango! If not, your best bet is to skip it!

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